AIANY Global Dialogues Committee - Call for Submissions - Shadow City(s)

The AIANY Global Dialogues Committee's 2012 theme (un-covered) Connections will host an Evening Session titled Shadow City (s) on March 29th which will broadly focus on 21st Century patterns of growth within peri-urban settlement in Global South Cities such as Rio, Mumbai and Nairobi.  The term Shadow City(s), here, refers to the sprawling, largely unplanned secondary cities, municipalities and nodes that revolve around, but lie well outside established/recognized City centers.

In these territories that define the 'future' City, growth largely outpaces infrastructural investments and zoning controls, leading to a schizophrenic juxtaposition of informal  settlement and, for instance, privatized corporate and residential enclaves. What defines the urbanism of these territories and how do architects and planners respond, through built form, to the physical, economic and social challenges?

An on-line blog gallery will open alongside the March 29 event and run through May 2012. Exhibitors; Architects, Planners, practitioners and students are invited to submit projects that address design responses within these ‘shadow’ territories and attempt to add coherence to otherwise often unplanned development. Examples include highly planned, satellite cities or, alternately, smaller interventions within informal settlements including slums. Other examples may include centers for sport, commerce, transport, and dwelling that may act as catalysts for a new urban order and a stage for future development. Projects and solutions should address, where applicable, the synthesis of the needs of the urban poor with the goals of authorities and developers.

The Global Dialogues Committee sets out to include a wide range of projects, though materials will be curated based on quality, project type and topic.

Submission deadline will be March 16th.  Submissions should be emailed to



- Project Name or Title
- Project Author(s)
- Name of Primary City and the secondary ‘Shadow City’, node or territory.
- Text description of 300 words or less
- 5 images describing the project 1600px wide in the form of pdfs, or jpg files. Images to include descriptive captions

Exhibitors will be featured on the Global Dialogues Blog

In advance, we look forward to your participation in this global dialogue.


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